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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Portugal: the country and his economy!

Portugal is a little country, on the southeast of Europe.
Is the
And one of the
Some useful data was released by a government agency and can be readed here.

Is not a very investor friendly to the ones who want to buy/hold stocks or trade because stock market is very small, fees and comissions are very high and it has not been a very clear market for most people, has recent news have showed. In next post, I'll talk about this.

The main index is the PSI20 (Portuguese Stock Index) and it has, by 2014/sept/30, a market capitalization of about 50Bi€. Not so much... More info can be read here.

Although, I think there are good companies that worth the money.

Thas it, next posts will be about all this!

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  1. Thanks for the intro about Portugal. Look forward to reading about your dividend purchases.