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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Corticeira Amorim - Quoted in Euronext

Company Information

One of the most profitable Portuguese companies is Corticeira Amorim. It produces and transforms cork that is now a well known material for all kind of industries from construction to components of space-shuttles!

 You can learn more about it visiting the

- Website of the company;
- Yahoo finance information;
- Google finance information;
- Euronext website.

Geographically, revenue come from: Portugal (5%), Europe (61,7%), USA (18,3%), America (ex-USA) (6,8%), Australia (6,6%) and Africa (1,6%).


The company issued 133.000.000 stocks and the price is about 3.00€, which corresponds to a market capitalization of almost 400M€ (or $500M)

Free foat is very short, just about 10% of all shares.
Company have 5.5% of own shares.

I will now make a quantitative analysis  of this stock.

2013 Numbers

In 2013 the company had:

- Revenue : 542.5M€ ( + 5.5% CARG last 3 years) ;
- EBITDA : 78.1M€ ;
- Profit : 30.3M€ ( + 12.4% CARG last 4 years) ;
- Equity : 301.7M€ ( + 5.2% CARG last 4 years) ;
- Debt/EBITDA : 1.30

2013 Numbers per share

- Revenue : 4.08€
- EPS : 0.228€
- Book value : 2.268€

At march, 31, 2014

  • the stock quoted 2.85€, 25% above the book value.
  • the Graham Number of this stock was 3.34€. 


The stock paid a 0.12€ dividend, which is a 4.2% yield on the march, 31, 2014, closing price. Payout ratio 53% :

My opinion

This stock was a clear BUY at the end of march, 2014, and now is trading in the range 2.85€/3.00€.

For me, the stock can reach 4.10€ in the next 3 years, depending on the dividend payout.

This is clearly, a buy oportunity!

To my readers

What do you think of this analysis?
It was easy to read? Do you find it useful?
How would you feel investing in this company?


I don't have this stock in my portfolio but I can add it if price come to the 2.80€/2.85€ range.

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  1. That's a pretty high yield. I'm sure this stock will get the attention of many dividend investors. Of course, this is why I love to read about other portfolios from outside the U.S. I always say it's interesting to learn about new opportunities that you never have heard of. Thanks for sharing.