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Friday, November 28, 2014

Corticeira Amorim - sell

Today I sold my little position in Corticeira Amorim.
The net price was a bit over €3.14. Net profit : 3.6% (in less than 2 weeks)

I believe I can buy, again, at lower price and, in that case, I will be happy to became a shareholder again, since I believe the company is pretty cheap right now.

Have A nice weekend!


  1. Just a quick question to understand this trade?

    Why do you believe that, if the company is undervalued today, that the price will fall to a lower price where you can pick it up again.

    Also, is the 3.6% net profit before or after trading fees and bid/offer spreads?

  2. Hello! Thanks for reading and your comment.

    Firts off all, the money involved is a very little %% of portfolio, about 1%.

    This is a very low free-float company with large bid/ask spreads. In the everyday trade, it often has variations of 3% to 4%. I am trying to "catch" these variations, and so far I have been successeful. Very little risk, for nice rewards.

    3.6% is net cash on my pocket, that is, after trading fees and bid/offer spreads.