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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Corticeira Amorim - Quoted in Euronext

Company Information

One of the most profitable Portuguese companies is Corticeira Amorim. It produces and transforms cork that is now a well known material for all kind of industries from construction to components of space-shuttles!

 You can learn more about it visiting the

- Website of the company;
- Yahoo finance information;
- Google finance information;
- Euronext website.

Geographically, revenue come from: Portugal (5%), Europe (61,7%), USA (18,3%), America (ex-USA) (6,8%), Australia (6,6%) and Africa (1,6%).


The company issued 133.000.000 stocks and the price is about 3.00€, which corresponds to a market capitalization of almost 400M€ (or $500M)

Free foat is very short, just about 10% of all shares.
Company have 5.5% of own shares.

I will now make a quantitative analysis  of this stock.

2013 Numbers

In 2013 the company had:

- Revenue : 542.5M€ ( + 5.5% CARG last 3 years) ;
- EBITDA : 78.1M€ ;
- Profit : 30.3M€ ( + 12.4% CARG last 4 years) ;
- Equity : 301.7M€ ( + 5.2% CARG last 4 years) ;
- Debt/EBITDA : 1.30

2013 Numbers per share

- Revenue : 4.08€
- EPS : 0.228€
- Book value : 2.268€

At march, 31, 2014

  • the stock quoted 2.85€, 25% above the book value.
  • the Graham Number of this stock was 3.34€. 


The stock paid a 0.12€ dividend, which is a 4.2% yield on the march, 31, 2014, closing price. Payout ratio 53% :

My opinion

This stock was a clear BUY at the end of march, 2014, and now is trading in the range 2.85€/3.00€.

For me, the stock can reach 4.10€ in the next 3 years, depending on the dividend payout.

This is clearly, a buy oportunity!

To my readers

What do you think of this analysis?
It was easy to read? Do you find it useful?
How would you feel investing in this company?


I don't have this stock in my portfolio but I can add it if price come to the 2.80€/2.85€ range.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Portugal: the country and his economy!

Portugal is a little country, on the southeast of Europe.
Is the
And one of the
Some useful data was released by a government agency and can be readed here.

Is not a very investor friendly to the ones who want to buy/hold stocks or trade because stock market is very small, fees and comissions are very high and it has not been a very clear market for most people, has recent news have showed. In next post, I'll talk about this.

The main index is the PSI20 (Portuguese Stock Index) and it has, by 2014/sept/30, a market capitalization of about 50Bi€. Not so much... More info can be read here.

Although, I think there are good companies that worth the money.

Thas it, next posts will be about all this!

Will you follow me?

Monday, October 06, 2014

Investing: what do I mean with that?

I am a huge fan of Warren Buffett. This means evaluate the companies in my own terms and believe my judgment to choose where to invest my money. This means, look at profits, equity and cash-flow.
The best book I know to start to start in this subject has been a huge reference over decades.

I also believe that to be able to have some success in the stock market, it does not imply having a big financial and/or mathematical knowledge. I think with some common sense and a relatively short time involved, it is possible to have good results with a small investor portfolio.

I think frequent trading is not suitable for a small investor/savers and is not the best way to manage the savings that decides to put into the stock market.

These are some main ideas I will develop in this blog.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

First post - Presentation and main objectives

I live in Portugal. In this country, and generally in the southern europe, the return on capital is much penalized.

For me, it is ridiculous to tax capital gains in pension funds since this capital already have been taxed as work income is well caught. Doesn't sounds fair to me.

Investing in stock market is something that I think will be inevitable in the short term, because major changes are around the corner in my country. In the last bailout, our lenders made us make many changes and these will continue in near future. Particularly, pensions from Social Security will be much lower than it have been it the past.

But stock market is a really unknown to most people in my country. There are few companies and the free float in each company is low as well. The stock market is not risk-free, very far from it. But it becomes inevitable when most of us, at working age, will have the lower support from the State that it is now assured, particularly in terms of pensions.

I give for granted the creation of personal capitalization accounts (one pension fund for each person) managed by the Government, or by independente companies like banks or other indicated by savers, that will allow some income for retirement, serious illness and/or unemployment. As already do the current pension funds .

The risk can be mitigated if the investment in the stock market is done in a rational way.

This blog will focuses on financial issues and portuguese stock market, and attempts to demystify the investment in stocks.

More, it will seek to give information about portuguese companies to people around the world!

Will you follow me in my adventure?